PRESTIGIO MultiPad 7.0 Prime+9" HEADREST TFT LCD MONITOR + IR Transmitter
GPS - 3.5 inch Portable Navigator 2GB

GPS - 3.5 inch Portable Navigator 2GB


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навигация за камион GPS_3.5-Inch_Portable_GPS_Navigator


  • Автомобилен GPS приемник
  • Супер ярък широк TFTекран с touch screen 320x240
  • Памет до 500 ваши точки с име и графичен символ
  • Вграден BLUETOOTH позволява обаждания и отговор на повиквания при шофиране
  • Автоматично избиране на най-кратък маршрут
  • Запаметяване на 15 маршрута
  • Екранни текстови съобщения и гласова навигация на български език
  • Точност на позициониране под 10м.
  • Интегриран FM трансмитер – възможност за изпращане на звук към аудиосистемата на автомобила ви и съпътстващите ви автомобили
  • Притежава вградени Video Player asf, avi, mp4, wmv
  • Притежава вградени MP3, MP4, Wma9, Wav Player
  • Притежава вградени Pictures player JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG картинки
  • E-BOOK
  • FM Radio приемник
  • Traffic Receiver – система, която ви позволява да избягвате задръствания и опасни участъци и всичко, което може да ви забави по пътя( активна е само за определени страни )
  • Опционално: конвертор на валута и мерни единици, световен часовник,календар с бележки
  • Нагледно предупреждение за ограниченията в скоростта
  • TV-in – вход, към който можете да прикачите например камера за обратно виждане или каквото друго се сетите в тази насока
  • Изход за слушалки
  • Слот за SD карта
  • 2GB SD карта
  • До 3 часа продължителност на работа на батерия
  • Захранване 220V, Захранване за автомобил (12-24V), Стойка за монтиране в кола, Инструкция
  • USB кабел
  • Поддържа 2 D и 3 D карти
  • Предварително качена карта на България – рутираща предварително качена IGO8 My way + карти на цяла Европа за 2010 - рутираща с възможност за навигация до ниво улица с номер, с милиони POI’s (информация за хотели, ресторанти, полиция, болници, бензиностанции, АТМ-и ) и какво ли още не….
  • 3.5" touchscreen color display 320x240;
  • Sleek, ultra-slim design
  • Turn-by-turn directions with voice guidance
  • Easy, touchscreen interface
  • High-sensitivity GPS receiver for improved performance and reception
  • Trip computer records mileage, max speed, total time and more
  • Includes travel features such as picture viewer, world clock, currency & measurement converters and calculator
  • SD memory card expansion slot
  • Offers a three-dimensional mapping perspective, or 2D overhead view
  • Weight: 6.1 ounces
  • Built-in lithium-ion battery
  • Battery life: up to 5 hours depending on usage
  • Includes sturdy suction cup mount that allows for easy adjustment and quick release
  • Simplified PC connectivity, similar to a digital camera, using USB mass storage with access to either the SD card slot or to the unit's internal memory directly from your PC desktop.
  • With the POI loader program, users can set up proximity alerts for school zones, safety cameras, create custom POIs and more.
  • Bluetooth (Optional)



Professional GPS Navigation Software

The whole series of AUTOSTYLEMANIA entertainment & navigation system support CARELAND, DAODAOTONG, iGO, iGO AMIGO, SYGIC, TOMTOM,
ROUTE66, GARMIN navigation map, and iGO8 2010 is standard.
iGO8 Navigation Map Intro
GPS Function Intro
A) Address Inquiring supports hand writing and others input manner, fast and exact. We use the latest four-dimensional map,
which can distinguish national roads and freeways, has 7000 thousand POIs and voice in many kinds language. Voice in 6 kind
of language and 3 kind of input manner will meet the needs of customers worldwide.
B) You can setup the springboard and the destination optionally. And inquire the historical inquire notes, save the setup
destinations for fast using in next journey. Precise orientation, the actual error is less than 10 meters.
C) Clear and precise voicing navigation shows you perfect route and smart guidance. Facing the complex freeway, AUTOSTYLEMANIA
precise navigation map provide you with in-time driving information. Let your driving unhindered forward the next aim!
Professional GPS Navigation Map

The whole series of AUTOSTYLEMANIA entertainment & navigation system adopted the famous navi software of Europe - iGO8,
which includes 4200 thousand POIs, has a detailed sort, 128 items from shopping, restaurant, dining-room, station to all kinds of road.
iGO8, having detailed data, all-around infor, great practicability, can need different meets from customers, not only motormen but also walker.
Excessive Speed Notice
In the function of excessive speed notice, you can setup 3 kind of road, freeway, throughway, and general road.
For example, you can setup a 120 mph under the freeway mode, as your speed excess 120mph, system will notice you “you have an excessive speed"
Day And Night Mode
Day and night mode, you can setup day mode from 7:00am to 7:00pm, remaining time is night mode.
Then the display will auto-change into night mode at 7:00pm.
Map Zoom Out And In
You can dwindle and zoom in the map freely. The max proportion is 1:25m, min is 1:1000km
Powerful Address Note
The function of address note can save all the useful information, such as restaurant, bank, gas station in the address note,
which is similar to the manage function in mobile. Support more than 500 addresses information inquires to meet every different needs from map DIY fans.
Easy to operate, in the GPS main menu, there is a option of “adding into note", touch it you will add the new address into the note easily.
Besides, the system has a convenient function-it will voice as you arriving at, of course, you need turn on the setup of GPS voice ahead.
Simulate Driving And Route Intro
Simulate driving and route intro can show an overall simulate route by your setup ahead, the speed of which can be adjusted,
simulate route shows motorman a route preview and each section information of the road he will run through.
Recalculate The Route As Yawing
Recalculate the route as yawing, during the driving if you yaw with the route setup ahead, system can orientate automatically
and search a best new route for you quickly according the new position.
Auto-Show Highway Info
Turn up this option, as you running in the highway, system will show the highway information automatically, entrance,
exit and service station frontage, distance, place name of entrance and exit ahead and so on.
Dynamic Show Road Name
Turn up this option, system will show every road name in the map in time.
Route Memory And Manage
Route memory: even in the desert Gobi, grassland, boondocks, you will also get lost, as system will memory the passing route for your re-entry.
Tracks manage: 5 tracks info can be saved for fast and common search.
Life Information Search
There are 128 life info for you searching; you can search each establishment of the distance from 500 ms to 20 km from your position,
it is useful and convenient. Adding , you can adjust the search distance and bound.

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