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Professional GPS Navigation Software

The whole series of AUTOSTYLEMANIA entertainment & navigation system support CARELAND, DAODAOTONG, iGO, iGO AMIGO, SYGIC, TOMTOM,
ROUTE66, GARMIN navigation map, and iGO8 2009 is standard.
iGO8 Navigation Map Intro
GPS Function Intro
A) Address Inquiring supports hand writing and others input manner, fast and exact. We use the latest four-dimensional map,
which can distinguish national roads and freeways, has 7000 thousand POIs and voice in many kinds language. Voice in 6 kind
of language and 3 kind of input manner will meet the needs of customers worldwide.
B) You can setup the springboard and the destination optionally. And inquire the historical inquire notes, save the setup
destinations for fast using in next journey. Precise orientation, the actual error is less than 10 meters.
C) Clear and precise voicing navigation shows you perfect route and smart guidance. Facing the complex freeway, AUTOSTYLEMANIA
precise navigation map provide you with in-time driving information. Let your driving unhindered forward the next aim!
Professional GPS Navigation Map

The whole series of AUTOSTYLEMANIA entertainment & navigation system adopted the famous navi software of Europe - iGO8,
which includes 4200 thousand POIs, has a detailed sort, 128 items from shopping, restaurant, dining-room, station to all kinds of road.
iGO8, having detailed data, all-around infor, great practicability, can need different meets from customers, not only motormen but also walker.
Excessive Speed Notice
In the function of excessive speed notice, you can setup 3 kind of road, freeway, throughway, and general road.
For example, you can setup a 120 mph under the freeway mode, as your speed excess 120mph, system will notice you “you have an excessive speed"
Day And Night Mode
Day and night mode, you can setup day mode from 7:00am to 7:00pm, remaining time is night mode.
Then the display will auto-change into night mode at 7:00pm.
Map Zoom Out And In
You can dwindle and zoom in the map freely. The max proportion is 1:25m, min is 1:1000km
Powerful Address Note
The function of address note can save all the useful information, such as restaurant, bank, gas station in the address note,
which is similar to the manage function in mobile. Support more than 500 addresses information inquires to meet every different needs from map DIY fans.
Easy to operate, in the GPS main menu, there is a option of “adding into note", touch it you will add the new address into the note easily.
Besides, the system has a convenient function-it will voice as you arriving at, of course, you need turn on the setup of GPS voice ahead.
Simulate Driving And Route Intro
Simulate driving and route intro can show an overall simulate route by your setup ahead, the speed of which can be adjusted,
simulate route shows motorman a route preview and each section information of the road he will run through.
Recalculate The Route As Yawing
Recalculate the route as yawing, during the driving if you yaw with the route setup ahead, system can orientate automatically
and search a best new route for you quickly according the new position.
Auto-Show Highway Info
Turn up this option, as you running in the highway, system will show the highway information automatically, entrance,
exit and service station frontage, distance, place name of entrance and exit ahead and so on.
Dynamic Show Road Name
Turn up this option, system will show every road name in the map in time.
Route Memory And Manage
Route memory: even in the desert Gobi, grassland, boondocks, you will also get lost, as system will memory the passing route for your re-entry.
Tracks manage: 5 tracks info can be saved for fast and common search.
Life Information Search
There are 128 life info for you searching; you can search each establishment of the distance from 500 ms to 20 km from your position,
it is useful and convenient. Adding , you can adjust the search distance and bound.

6.5 inch TFT high-definition digital LCD screen, 800*480 resolutions



6.5 inch TFT high-definition digital LCD screen, 2650 thousand color, support 4:3, 16:9 and full screen display


Shortcut Key In Faceplate
entertainment shortcut key in nearside
[MENU]:Main Menu
[PWR-VOL]:volume adjust
Screen Contrast
Digital screen - 800x480 definition
Simulate screen - 480x234 definition
As moving or in the weather of rain, air pressure, fog, displayed by the simulate screen will get a blur video,
but displayed by the digital will get a clear and lifelike video. Remark: the above picture comes from the simulate and dynamic screen.
Human Operation
suspend button control
color, tonality, contrast and brightness adjust
volume adjust

Headrest Entertainment
The front passengers and the back in the same car can appreciate different programs with the same super-visual enjoyment.
The operation interface of backsight
The effect of backsight
Operation Interface
The main operation interface
DVD play interface
CD play interface
Support Kinds Of Multidisc Box
Support various multidisc box, compatible.

completely supports DVD/VCD/CD/MP3 and other A/V multimedia formats
1. Completely supports DVD/VCD/CD/MP3 and other A/V multimedia formats
2. 4 channel outputs, built-in 4x45W HI-FI amplifiers, presenting a perfect audio and video quality,
The sound ombining with scene can give you a surprising surround stereoscopic feeling!
3. Display and multifunctional mode. You can enjoy DVD play at the same time running the GPS system,
the display is fluent, bright and exquisite, the brightness and contrast is harmony.
multimedia formats
disk formats
convulsed timbre and enjoy all your journey!

Auto-Memory Function
As you must stop the DVD or CD display to switch other interface, auto-memory function will keep the currently information,
as you back entertainment system, it can display on top of the stop point automatically.

Convulsed Timbre And Topping Enjoy!

4 channel outputs, built-in 4x45W HI-FI amplifiers, presenting a perfect audio and video quality,
The sound combining with scene can give you a surprising surround stereoscopic feeling!
Timber adjust
Surrounding choose
External Car Amplifier

External car amplifier can be connected to achieve higher request!

What is IPOD?

About IPOD
The big storage MP3 - IPOD comes from APPLE USA which adopted Toshiba's 1.8inch HD as storage medium.
With from 10GB to 80GB of storage, it can store 2500~10000 high-timber songs. except that, it has a perfect manage process,
unique operate mode and beautifully appearance.
IPOD Connect

AUTOSTYLEMANIA introduces this excellence IPOD into our system, which makes the owner can enjoy wonderful timber by IPOD in the car.
In our product, there are standard IPOD faucet and special connection, auto-identify without any change.

Full Function Control

AUTOSTYLEMANIA has standard IPOD audio faucet and full function touch control. Simultaneity, IPOD can be charged up as connecting.

Song Name Display

Name of the song storage in the IPOD can be showed in the screen, the same to play state, time ect., all the items IPOD showin.

Timber Adjust

As connecting IPOD and displaying the song, the timber adjust function can advance the sound effect of IPOD.

AM/FM Introduction


The built-in AM/FM tuner supports auto-search, storage, frequency display, timber and sensitive adjust.
AM control interface
FM1 control interface
FM2 control interface

12 Frequencies Storage

Touch one Frequency for a fast choose.

Double FM Storage Function

Switch to FM quickly.
Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit - Optional
Bluetooth hands-free car kit of GPS system is optional function.
  • Support bluetooth hands-free;
  • Auto-distinguish mobile without connection or mobile bracket;
  • You can dial the tele number in the display;
  • The call volume can be adjusted;
  • Auto-storage the incoming telegrams and dial numbers;
  • Storage 3 partnership mobile
Audio Echo Clear-Up Function

Audio Echo Clear-Up

In the car, there are two sound provenances - from speaker and from microphone, and the sound coupling brings echo in the car.
Echo comes of the direct sound coupling as microphone picks up the voice signal from speaker. This status becomes grave in the car
as the setting up volume is higher to avoid the noise from engine and road.
The second provenance of echo is indirect coupling or carriage reflects. Voice signal can reflect on each surface. And the power of
echo depends on the kind of material used in the car, the harder, the more reflect, the softer material will absorb more echo, so the
car window will reflect more echo. Then, the reflecting echo has a delay, and the degree of delay will different with the dimension of
carriage and the kind of material. The follow shows these direct coupling and carriage reflects.
Whatever the noise coming from direct coupling and carriage reflects, it is difficult to eliminate successful to bluetooth hands-free car kit.
What is more important, this noise is often changing. The main sound provenances include engine noise, road noise and others.
(AEC)is one kind of outlying signal voice model, which bases on the pertinence of speaker signal and multi-path echo coursed by speaker.
We can evaluate the echo by AEC model,and amend the filter parameters continual to make the guesstimate near the true echo. Then take
out the echo guesstimate from the micro input signal to eliminate the echo and realize the perfect hands-free calling.
The following picture shows how to take out the echo.
Bluetooth Parameters:
  • Compatible with Bluetooth 2.0 +EDR criterion
  • Class 2 power
  • Built-in antenna
  • Effective distance--10 M
  • Temperature: -25℃~85℃
  • Built-in DSP echo clear-up chip
  • Echo clear-up: Linetype Echo Clear-Up and 25-35dB,52-65dB Acoustic Echo Clear-Up, the noise within 200mS and realize the perfect hands-free calling
  • Noise clear-up: 18dB,and get a loud and clear voice
  • A/D,D/A:72dB SNR,sampling speed 8-11K

Bluetooth HandsFree Profile
Bluetooth Headset Profile
Bluetooth Is Optional
USB Display Function

support catalog browsing;
Support AVI、MPG、MP3 ect and picture browsing (lantern slide format).
Connect the U disk by the USB special line, then enter the option of “DVD” and touch the option of “USB mode”, now let me start the USB display.
Touch the option of “USB interface” and switch to USB catalog browsing, then take USB display operation.
Enter the USB interface, you can see each file of U-disk;
As touching, the suspend buttons will appear, the operation is similar with DVD play.
Choose one file and touch OK, enter this file. Choose one and the correspond format, touch OK, begin browsing and play TPMS.
TPMS Is Optional Function

V2 edition production of AUTOSTYLEMANIA supports this TPMS function.

Function Introductione

Enter INFO in the main menu, touch TPMS option and switch to the alarm setting interface, in here you can setup the highest
alarm temperature and the highest(lowest)alarm tire pressure.

TPMS Parameters:
  • The use time of batteries:2 years in usual condition (4hours every day)
  • Working condition : -40℃~145℃
  • Working humidity : 100%
  • Working frequency : 433.92MHZ
  • The moniter range : 0~60 psi
  • Tire pressure error : ±0.5psi
  • The temperature error : ±0.5℃
  • The emitter power : < 5dBm
  • Battery pressure : CR1632 3V
  • The weight of sense organ : 11g

TPMS Is Optional

Reversing Camera
Reverse Camera is optional , see the following picture:
External Video And Audio
Turn off the IPO function in the option of SETUP in the main menu, and the IPOD option changes into AUX. in this estate, you can
connect MP3、MP4 and enjoy music and film.

Brake Inspection
Turn on the function of Brake Inspection, the video image only display in the brake estate. This function forbids watching as driving
and makes sure driving safe. If copilot need watch the image in driving, turn off this function in SETUP option.
"AUTOSTYLEMANIA reminds friendly: for your safe driving, please turn on the function of Brake Inspection."
Light Detection
In the night mode, auto-checking the status of car light, if the light is on, the backlight of shortcut keys will turn on automatically.
It has a same effect with the original indicator light.
Other Settings
there are more setting, such as backseat entertainment setting, special button on the wheel, reverse camera.
The Following Is System Parameters
Display Parts
Screen Dimension:
6.5 inch
Display Area:
Tft(Thin Film Transistor) Active Matrix,Light Penetration
Edge Illume:
Cold Cathode Light
Colors System:
Ntsc/Pal Compatible
Temperature Range:
-10°C~~+50°C Centigrade
Save Temperature Range:
-20°C~~+80°C Centigrade
Touch Screen:
Resistance& Press Simulate(Film+ Glass)
L1,C/A Code Gps Sps Standard Localizer Service
Receive Manner:
Receive Frequency:
Test Renovate Time:
Once Each Second
General Parameters
Max Consume Current:
Grounding Manner:
Cathode Grounding Manner
External Image Input Level:
1v P-P/75 Ohm
The Max Input Level Of External Sound:
1.5v/22 K-Ohm
Image Output Level:
1v P-P/75 Ohm(White 100% Output /When Displaying Dvd)
Amplifier, Audio Part
The Max Output Of Power :
45 W*4
Load Impedance:
4 Ohm
The Max Output Level /Resistance Prefix:
2.0 V/100 Ohm
Equal Loudness Curve:
Dvd Display Parts
Disk Format Supported:
Dvd-Rom,Dvd-Video, Dvd-R(Video Mode) /Rw (Video Mode),Cd-Rom,Cd-Da,Cd-R/Rw
Zone Number:
Signal Format(Sampling Frequency):
(Dvd):48/96 Khz
(Cd):44.1 Khz
Signal Format(Quantum B It):
(Dvd):16/20/24b It Beeline
(Cd):16b It Beeline
Frequency Feature:
(Dvd):8hz ~44khz(± 1db)
(Cd):20hz~20khz(± 0.1/-0.3db)
S/N(Dvd):97db(1khz )
(Ihf-A Network)
(Cd):96db(1khz )
(Ihf-A Network)
Dynamic Bound:
(Dvd):95db(1khz )
(Iec-A Curve/20khz Lpf)
(Iec-A Curve/20khz Lpf)
Harmonic Distortion Rate:
0.008%(1khz )
Channel :
2(Dimensional Sound)
Fm/ Tune Parts
Receive Frequency Wave Band:
Sensitive Degree:
9dbf(0.7µv/75ohm Single Channel S/N30db)
50db Sensitive Degree:
50dbMore than(Ihf-A Web)
Harmonic Distortion Rate:
0.3%(At 65dbf,1khz,Ster-Eo)
0.1%(At 65dbf,1khz,Mono)
Frequency Feature:
Dimensional Sound Distinguish:
45dbMore than(65dbf Input,1khz)
Am/Tune Parts
Receive Frequency Wave Band:
531khz ~1602khz (9khz )
530khz ~1604khz (10khz )
sensitive Degree:
18µv(S/N 20db)
Perform Selection:
65 Db(Ihf-A Network)
Gps Antenna
Microwave Transmission, And Plane Antenna/ Right-Hand Circularly Polarized Wave
Antenna Length :
Product Size
178(W)*100(H)*165 (D)Mm
Gps Antenna Magnetic Base:
39(W)*15.5(H)*48.5 (D)Mm
Total Weight

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